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Probably the best selection of Trachcyarpus anywhere on the internet, at low low prices, best UK selection of rooted Hardy Yuccas and lots lots more.

  • LOW PRICES - We try to keep our prices the lowest on the net
  • DISCOUNTS - We offer a 10% discount to all EPS and HardytropicalsUK members on request as well as website promotions
  • DEALS - Come visit us, we like a haggle and often offer further discounts for bulk purchases
  • WHOLESALE- Whilst not a wholesale nursery, we do offer generous discounts for wholesale clients.

We are expecting some more Chilean plants in a few weeks, a small number of  Juania australis , and more Blechnum chilense and Lophosoria ferns 

We still have an an amazing selection of plants which must go.
Good discounts for big pallet orders. 
Palms, Yuccas, Cycas, dasylirions.


New shipping rates, the first 20kg of plants shipped for only £9.99 anywhere in the UK. 

Large Yuccas and Dasylirions are now individually priced and photographed so you can see the plant you actually buy.  

To order, shop using the cart in the normal way.

Dont forget we also have a lot more interesting palms and exotics, and our Fertiliser and Palmbooster products are some of the best on the market.


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Opening hours

The nursery always remains open online .
Visitors are always made very welcome but please note the nursery is open to visits only by appointment.
Please contact me by phone 07770 870639 or by the contact facility to arrange an appointment. The nursery address is:
Rodlays Farm, Rock Road, Wick, Bristol, BS30 5TN

Creators of Palmbooster

For quick buy of Palmbooster and Fertiliser without need to log in 
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We now sell large range of
Palm Pots up to 18 litre

Bamaplast pots, the best on the market 

Trachycarpus princeps seeds

1 year scarified seeds , starting to germinate , the hardest seed to germinate of the trachycarpus family prepped and ready to go.
Guaranteed to be the true Trachycarpus princeps, you dont buy something else here.
Lowest ever prices for good